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Fellow Scrappers

Fellow Scrappers! I know there's plenty of you out there and I'm sure you all come from far and wide. Here's hoping that we can offer for you a place to come and extend more than just dollar value but share our knowledge, that as a collective would undoubtedly span centuries. 

Besides sharing all the stories of the exciting finds over the years, we would love to share the opportunity to provide a local hub in central Vic for all to bring items to for a greater than scrap deal! 

As much as we all love pulling things to bits, for the love of all that is, we urge that if you even have an inkling something is a little bit special, not quite like all the rest, STOP! Reach out to us, before reaching for the tools, you just never know how much that unsuspecting piece of trash, is someone else's long lost treasure. 

Scraper enthusiast,

- Joe 

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